This Is Me - A Men's Style Journal


This Is Me is an inspirational men’s style journal with a distinctive editorial point-of-view intended to spark conversation and stir the creative juices that so many of us crave. We set out to curate a refined arsenal of imagery to do just that – ignite imagination and magic, allowing us to rethink men’s style.

The twist is This Is Me has no product affiliation or advertising within its pages. We want everyone to have the freedom to enjoy the journal regardless of whichever products they may endorse.

We believe the beauty of editorial imagery is that it allows you to get lost in the potential, to discover your own “what if”. Our goal is simply to inspire, nurture and applaud the unique creativity and brilliance within all of us. 

A celebration of the guy with great style – an influencer amongst his peers, a guy with a strong sense of self who wears his hair as a statement of his individuality – This Is Me is a fresh approach to men’s style.